Roam & Retreat

A family run B&B in the South of France, in the beautiful and unspoilt Ariege region close to the Pyrenees mountains, looking for a way to share their love for nature with their guests and offer more immersive experiences.

They have a passion for wildlife, nature and history, so visitors get more than they bargained for when they visit. Our insight session made it clear to me that the client (Richard) had strong passions for wildlife, nature and history. He takes his guests on wonderful walks and experiences amongst the mountains, which sets him apart from others.

I also uncovered his feelings for seeking wellness and better mental health through nature, which became part of the deeper purpose to drive the business.

Our aim through brand strategy, naming and visual branding was to get this purpose across, find ways he can spread the healing powers of nature, and create a brand that attracts the right sorts of people who want this immersive experience.

roam and retreat logo roam and retreat brand strategy document

roam and retreat stylescape designsroam and retreat business cardsroam and retreat stationaryroam and retreat merchandiseroam and retreat branding_brand by design


This project took place during the pandemic in 2020. On one hand this was a good time to work on it, as the client had the time to invest. On the other hand his income was severely effected and there was no way of knowing when he may be able to welcome guests again. Therefore we decided to produce a short term website in Wix for a fraction of the cost, purely to get things started. I would always prefer to work with a professional developer in WordPress, but it’s also important to recognise that we can’t always have the ideal situation. I am always happy to consider other options to benefit the client and work with their budgets and timescales.

The Wix site also allows us an element of trial and testing, so we know what works well and what doesn’t when we come to phase two of the website.

The designs below are visuals for the website we hope to develop later in the year.


roam and retreat website

Lucy's thorough project pathway allowed us to explore our own motivations, to clearly define our product, potential clients, and our place in the market. She offers an exceptional blend of creativity, social media skills and technical brand experience, coupled with a natural compassion for helping others to achieve their goals.

Richard Prime Founder of Roam & Retreat