Bodyset is a private physio company in the UK. They reimagine physiotherapy as an all-inclusive, preventative and progressive treatment for those wanting to feel good, move well and perform at their best.

Bodyset, previously ‘Capital Physio’ had just completed a rebrand with a design agency when we met. They were provided with a logo, a colour palette, and fonts, but no further direction or consideration into the brand itself. Suppliers said they were unable to use the assets provided, and Bodyset realised that these assets were not enough.

I joined their team to help them uncover their brand. We discussed a new name that didn’t box them into physio exclusively, and they formed Bodyset. From here we worked on the company vision, what it stands for and why, messaging, and also created new visual elements from logo to website, summarising with the brand communication guidelines.



Bodyset offer various services such as physio, chiro, pilates and assessments. They also allow you to choose the length of session, an online session, or in person. Some bookings may be for groups, some people may be booking to continue a current treatment plan, others will be brand new. The booking process is complicated, therefore needed careful consideration, planning and design to ensure it is as streamlined as possible.

We analysed their previous web analytics and produced personas, user maps and logic maps to visualise the process, from the initial ‘book now’ call-to-action, to making payment. This was a two person team, comprising of myself and Ollie, who’s expertise is in web development, UI and UX.

The aim being to reduce amount of clicks and the time taken to book, and therefore increase online bookings. The web development is still under construction so we cannot yet publish any data analytics on the user experience improvements.


Lucy has been an absolute saviour over the last few months — the team call her ‘Wonder Woman’. She helped us build a strong brand identity that truly reflects our vision

Alex Meighan Brand Manager at Bodyset