One word that can change your life

Evan Carmichael #believes that one word can change your life by giving your business a renewed purpose and chance to thrive. I’m currently enjoying his book ‘Your One Word’ and would like to share his theory with you.

Lives and businesses have changed over the past year.
With regard to business, many companies have suffered, and individuals have lost their jobs.

However, there are those who have seized an opportunity with a new business idea. An idea that could help many in need within their changing circumstances. Entrepreneurs looking to start something from nothing. If this is you, keep reading…

If you don’t already know, the process of branding delves deep into the heart and soul of a business to uncover the values and personality that make it appealing to a certain audience. It is a huge (and often expensive) undertaking, however it is also one of the most rewarding and valuable things you can do for your business.

It’s likely at the start of your entrepreneurial journey that you don’t have the funds to partake in this branding adventure right now, and you just need to get things started and trial your ideas.

The difficulty in delaying the branding process is you could start off on the wrong foot, and find you have a huge challenge in the future in backtracking and changing your audience, or trying to change their perceptions of you. It’s easier to get it right from the start. Catch-22!


So here are 4 simple steps to start right and set yourself up for future success, without spending more than £20.

1. Discover and note down who you really and honestly are…

What comes naturally to you and what are your best personality traits? What sort of service are you offering and why? If you think you are doing it for money, try again. Money is not an end goal, but it can buy something that matters to you. If you think it’s about money then why do you want money? What makes you happy, or unhappy? What music do you like? What films do you watch? Why do you like them?

That’s a lot of questions, but important ones, and this is your first task. Take some time to consider what really makes you uniquely you.


2. How do you want your customers to feel?

Now think how you want your customers to feel whilst using your product or service. Bear the previous exercise in mind, as your personality will automatically affect how you run your business and engage with your customers. For example, if you are a strong, confident sort of person, perhaps you want your customers to feel empowered by your services. Or maybe you are caring and like all things ‘love’, in which case you want your customers to feel warm or protected. No matter what you are selling, it is how you make customers feel that will be remembered.

“The product is nothing but a souvenir of your trip to the store, and a reminder of the way you felt when you bought it.” Seth Godin from All Marketers Are Liars: The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World.


3. Find your ‘one word’ and apply it

Can you filter what you have written for parts 1 and 2 down to just one word?

Take this word and apply it to everything you do. Every touchpoint of your business. When you look at your website, or read your copy, does it make you feel your ‘one word’? Consider your social channels, your photography, the stories you tell. Never stray from that word. Your customers will learn who you are and what you are about without confusion. Those who share your values will be there for you and become your loyal fans and customers.


4. The final step

Read Evan Carmichael’s book, ‘Your One Word’. Only £18.76 on Amazon at the time of writing. This post is based around his ideas, and you will benefit hugely from reading his book in full.



In knowing yourself and what sort of traits you want to interject into your business, you will apply clarity to your brand, ensuring your audience understand you without needing to think.

What I love about Evan’s book, is his ability to introduce the power of branding into a simple idea that anybody can achieve. It is a constant challenge for new businesses who know the importance of branding but can’t afford to implement it straightaway. Following the advice in the book allows a stepping-stone into the process.

Good luck with your journey! Email or connect with me on social to share your story. I’d love to hear from you.