Logo design tips for new business start-ups

If you’re in the process of starting up a new business, I imagine you will have thought about your logo. Maybe you’ve already had a look for a designer who could put that together for you, or even had a go yourself. Before you do, there are a few things to consider which will help you save money over time and ensure your logo compliments your brand.

A logo alone doesn’t add value
A logo itself doesn’t add value to your business. If you hire someone to put a logo together for you without any strategy, background or research, you are simply buying a piece of artwork. It might look great, but will it benefit you and will it last? This is why I believe in branding as a whole, which includes the many areas of your business that impact how your customers feel about you. The logo is a very small part of this. A signature to your brand.

Branding adds value and makes you money
Branding certainly costs more in the beginning, but the outcome is something that; gains  customers, grows a following, adds value to your image and offering, and therefore makes you more money. The money that you spend on branding will come back to you over time in the form of loyal customers, making it a worthwhile investment.

When the budget doesn’t allow for branding
I appreciate that in reality you’re a start-up, and the budget is tight. If for now you just need to get some quick wins on the brand elements to get yourself off the ground, here are some things you can do yourself:

  1. Personality
    Create a list of 5 to 10 words that summarise the brand personality, as if it were a person. If someone were to meet your brand, how would they feel about them? What would they say to their friends? Are they witty and fun, or caring and kind?
  2. Values
    Think carefully about why you are doing what you do. What do you stand for? How might you communicate these values with like-minded customers? When you meet somebody new, you have a first impression of them based on how they look and what they say, but it’s their values that will give you common ground and create a lasting relationship.
  3. Customers
    What do your customers want to see and hear, and who are they precisely? Remember it’s not about what you like, but what they like. Can you picture your typical customer? Give them traits and a name and think of them when you create any brand or marketing materials.


water vole logo personality artwork

Now that you have these fundamentals in mind, consider them with every design decision you make, including the logo. Ensure your internal and external team knows them, and this will stand you in good stead. As you grow, you will be in a great position to expand on what you started and have a brand consultant take you even further.

Logo checklist

  • Does it match your brand personality and values?
  • Has it been created with your customer’s tastes in mind?
  • Is it simple and memorable?
  • Is it adaptable? (Consider where it is likely to be seen. Big and small, printed and digital, full colour and black/white, embroidered etc.)


Good luck! I hope these tips help you get off on the right foot and find a brand name and logo that begin to tell your brand story.

Get in touch with me if you would like any assistance.

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