Increase the success of your website today with one simple exercise

If you’re not getting as many bookings or enquiries as you would like, you may benefit from this one easy change. Follow the guidance below to adjust your homepage content and how your audience interacts with it.

When you consider your website homepage, is it clear what you are offering your customers within seconds of them looking at your site? Or are you trying to answer hundreds of questions they have never asked? Websites are fantastic as you can include so much information and a multitude of pages, but we can often fall into the trap of confusing customers by telling them too much. It’s as if they walk into the room and you greet them with 101 facts about you before you’ve even asked what they are looking for in order to solve their problem.

Think of your website as a journey through your company home. Let’s consider this analogy together…

Your potential customer likes the look of the house exterior, so they ring the doorbell. You ideally know exactly what they are looking for, and to encourage them through the door you must reassure them that they have come to the right place. For example, the customer is searching for a therapist they can speak to from home, because they are struggling with self-confidence. Perhaps your first line is:

“We offer online therapy so that you can discover your inner confidence from the safety of your home, allowing you to thrive and grow in all areas of life”.

Just what they are looking for! You’ve got them through the door with just one sentence. Ensure this sentence tells them:

  1. How you will make their life better and solve their problem (provide them with
    self-confidence that will improve all aspects of their life),
  2. How you intend to do that (online consultations),
  3. What you are actually offering (therapy).

If you have a specific audience (fantastic!) you can include that in the line and be more precise, for example “We offer online therapy to single parents, allowing them to discover their inner confidence from the safety of home and thrive and grow in all areas of life.”  This is a quick example. Spend some time on this sentence and ensure it is specific, clear and as short as possible. (I like to aim for 150 characters or less, so that it will fit in your social media bio descriptions as well.)

Maybe that single line is all they need and they want an obvious call to action to book with you immediately, so ensure you are there to take their booking or answer their questions (clear ‘book’ or ‘contact’ buttons). Or perhaps they need more convincing, so lead them to the lounge where they can speak to some of your previous customers (read testimonials). Stay with them, as they may be encouraged to book after hearing glowing testimonials about you! (‘call us today’ button). Would you offer them a drink as a guest in your house? What equivalent could you offer them as they scroll through your website? Perhaps a free download, or 15-minute consultation. If they still aren’t convinced, they will explore more and maybe want to read about your story, why they should choose you over somebody else, or perhaps they want to see the booking process, or the treatment process.

Take another look at your website and consider this customer journey carefully. Are you cluttering them with information? Is there a way to make their journey easier, and do you have plenty of call-to-action buttons for when they decide to make the commitment to you? If you don’t know what questions your customers need answered or what they are searching for in order to arrive at your site, perhaps you will benefit from some further research.

Good luck and I hope these small changes lead to new sales for you, as well as clarity and satisfaction for your customers!