Freelancer vs. agency for your branding project

What is the best fit for you?

Making decisions for your company is never easy. Your brand is the essence of how customers feel about your company, so decisions around branding may seem particularly daunting. This post aims to give you some insight into working with freelancers, in-house design agencies, and virtual agencies, in the hope that it will bring you some clarity in knowing which may be the right fit for you.


A freelancer is an individual working for themselves. They are likely to work from home and specialise in a specific area. Without the overheads of an agency, their costs will be lower, therefore an ideal choice if cost is priority for you. However, if you end up looking for multiple freelancers because you need expertise across brand strategy, design, copywriting and a website for example, you may find an agency to be less costly, and less time consuming on your part. (Bear in mind that a freelancer that claims to offer you all of these things may not provide the quality you are looking for.)

Freelancers are a great choice if you need one particular thing done, perhaps fairly quickly and for a reasonable rate. You don’t necessarily need a team of people to produce something amazing. So long as you are looking for something fairly specific, and you are happy to manage the project yourself.


If you need a package that may demand multiple specialisms, or perhaps you’re not even sure what you need, an agency may be a better fit for you. They will have a team who are used to working together and can advise you from various backgrounds. Costs are higher, but you are also paying for multiple brains.

They will likely have an office so you can visit and meet the team. Be aware from the start who you will be dealing with primarily, and check you are ok with that. You may meet the director first, then be in contact with the account or project manager, and not directly with the creative team. You will also be one of many clients. Ensure you choose an agency that has time for your questions


A virtual agency sits in-between the two. Using Brand by Design as an example, we are a bespoke team of independent individuals with various skills. The team can be as big or as small as you need, ensuring you get the maximum value for low cost. You will have one single point of contact throughout, who will become an extension of your team, and will have time for you as we don’t take on too many clients at one time.

An ideal option if you are looking for help with a fairly sizable project demanding multiple disciplines, without breaking the bank. Not for you if you want to go to the office and meet all the team together (in-house agency), or if you want a quick poster drawn up the way you want it. (Freelancer). Perfect for you if you are looking for a brand expert to guide you through the process, manage the project and team, and provide you with all the resources you need from strategy, to web, to animation, to wall murals!

If the sound of a virtual agency appeals to you and you’d like to discuss a project, click here to make contact, and we will arrange a time to chat and answer any questions you may have.


Before you commit to either, get to know them, check their work and testimonials, get an all-inclusive cost, and trust your intuition.