One word that can change your life

Evan Carmichael #believes that one word can change your life by giving your business a renewed purpose and chance to thrive. I would like to share his theory with you.

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Understand branding in 3 minutes

A successful brand starts with understanding what branding actually is and appreciating why it’s so powerful. Learn what it means here in just a few minutes.

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A beginner's guide to finding your unique company name

Naming can really set business plans back if you hit a wall with it. Not only is it a creative challenge, but finding a name that's available is not easy. Here are some ideas on how to get started.

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Logo design tips for new business start-ups

If you’re in the process of starting up a new business, I imagine you will have thought about your logo. Before you go any further, here are a few things to consider which will help you save money over time and ensure your logo compliments your brand.

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Increase the success of your website today with one simple exercise

If you’re not getting as many bookings or enquiries as you would like, you may benefit from this one easy change. Follow the guidance below to adjust your homepage content and how your audience interacts with it.

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Why a smaller audience means more customers

When somebody asks you who your target audience is, is your answer similar to ‘everyone’ or ‘people who want to eat healthier’ or ‘commuters’? If so, you may find that in trying to appeal to so many, you are actually appealing to no-one.

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Freelancer vs. agency for your branding project

Making decisions for your company is never easy. Your brand is the essence of how customers feel about your company, so decisions around branding may seem particularly daunting. This post aims to give you some insight into working with freelancers, in-house design agencies, and virtual agencies…

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