Lucy’s story

From a young age I liked the idea of branding, but nobody told me back then what branding actually was. I thought it was about how logos looked. I studied Graphic Communication at university and experimented across many styles and mediums. Post university, I worked in agency and in-house roles, and didn’t specialise for quite some time. Variety was something I enjoyed.

I found my calling with the realisation of what branding actually meant. It’s so in-depth that it satisfies my want for variety, as just about everything your company does and says, including how you look across various platforms, impacts your overall brand. It is how you are perceived by others. Your reputation. This is what branding is, and it’s my role to guide you through that same realisation and consequently grow your brand to new heights.

I founded Brand by Design in 2019, and love working with brands that make people’s lives and the world that little bit better. I immerse myself into your brand and care for it as if it were my own.

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The journey

What to expect

Brand insight session

A branding project usually takes place over a few months. It is essential that I have a full understanding of your company and visions for the future. After an initial consultation, we will work through many of the fundamentals of your brand personality, values, target audience and much more through a day (or half-day) brand insight session. This also gives us a chance to get to know each other.

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Your strategy map that clears the fog

Following the insight session, I will have a full understanding of your current brand and what you hope for in the future. I will devise a brand strategy document, which maps the findings from the session, as well as further research and fundamentals such as positioning, vision, purpose, personality, competitive market and much more. This sets the foundations for your brand and the journey to come, and will be presented over a call or in person.

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Visualising the plan

From here we begin to look at stylescapes (glorified moodboards) in order to piece the visuals together. You will have three stylescapes to choose from, of which one will be developed. This step-by-step process is designed to ensure we are on the same page and that there are no surprises as we go forward. You are fully informed and involved through every stage.

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Building the visuals

Following sign-off of the selected stylescape, we will have all agreed on a rough visual direction for the brand. Here you will be presented with visual elements such as logo, fonts and usage, colour, icons and examples in situ. On approval, everything we have worked on across the strategy and design will be explained in a communication guideline document.

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Communication Guidelines

You now understand your brand inside out, and know how to communicate it to your customers. The guidelines summarise everything we have worked on so far, from the internal values to the external design elements, to ensure others you work with can share your passion and understand how to communicate in your brand language in a manner fit for your audience.

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It’s not the end of the road

Our story doesn’t have to end there. I can offer you a ‘Website Package’ including design and build, and you may like to see a ‘Growth Strategy’ on marketing your brand to new heights based on your targets. If you need help creating various assets such as a brochure, video, photographer, an email campaign… I can gather the resources you need and the right people for the job, as well as direct the team, so you don’t need to worry about time spent trying to manage multiple, disconnected freelancers.

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What we believe in

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Everyone deserves great design and strategy from an honest and knowledgeable advisor, no matter the size or age of the company. I try to make these services more accessible by offering a virtual agency service, meaning fewer overheads for me and lower costs for you.

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I hope for healthy lifestyles (mental and physical) to become the norm, not just a rare good trait for the lucky few, and I dream of a healthier world for new generations. This is why I work with wellbeing and environmental businesses, and run my own businesses in an environmentally conscious way.

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I am fully transparent about all my processes. It is important to me that we form an honest relationship and you feel you can trust me as a team member. I avoid complicated jargon and communicate clearly and efficiently.

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I don’t take on many clients at one time, allowing me to give my everything to you and your project. I am fully involved as an extended member of your team, and ensure you are regularly updated. You’ll never feel like second best.